Winter Function 2022 Gift


All guests to the Winter Function 2022 were given a gift bag. The entire gift is either recyclable or compostable in nature. It consists of a black paper sack with a handle, a hand-made hot cocoa mix, and a hand-made candle.


The candle is made of approximately 150 grams of hybrid paraffin/vegetable wax, mixed with a low amount of “autumn leaves” fragrance oil. The wick is made of wood, fastened to the bottom of the vessel with a small metal clip. The vessel itself is a threaded straight-sided 8oz glass jar, paired with a metal lid.

Those who have received a candle are entitled to a refill, to maximize reuse of the materials. Inserting a new wood wick and pouring in more wax/fragrance is very easy, just bring it back to me and I’ll do it at my leisure.

Hot Cocoa Mix

The cocoa mix is was designed around the following constraints:

Not depending on heating milk means the mix needs to contain powdered milk. Not including dairy means that milk must be a milk alternative. To match the fatty nature of whole milk, I chose to substitue it with powdered coconut milk. In addition to the obviously necessary cocoa powder and sugar, the mix contains a small amount of salt and nutmeg. The serving size of powder mix per cup of boiling water is 1/3 cup, or 6 tablespoons. In each serving are the following quantities.

Mixing these ingredients took quite a while even with a countertop mixer, because the coconut powder wanted to stay in clumps. I did my best though, since every clump broken by the mixer was a clump that wouldn’t need to be stirred out upon usage. Still, I recommend stirring thoroughly when using, to really integrate the coconut milk.

Each lined paper bag contains enough for three servings of hot cocoa. I suggest carefully cutting one corner and pouring it out, or transferring to another reusable container. The bag itself can be composted.

Photos of the process








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