Jonah Dahlquist

My excellent problem solving skills and broad experience allow me to develop elegant, creative solutions. My interpersonal and communication skills make me an outstanding team member, both productively and socially.


Google, Inc.

San Francisco, CA L4 Software Engineer December 2019 - Present

Just started, we'll see!

Limelight Health, Inc.

San Francisco, CA Software Engineer III April 2015 - November 2019

Among many things, built a declarative insurance premium calc language/engine, with a graphical programming interface (patent pending)


Redding, CA Contract Developer May 2013 - October 2014

Drastically improved video search by integrating ElasticSearch with custom index creation and field weighting. Built a real-time chat component between viewers and between viewers and support.

Nucleus Systems

My company 2005-2015

Worked independently as a contractor on many projects for a wide variety of clients.


Hillside School

La Grange, CA High School 2007 - 2009

Passed the California High School Proficiency Exam in order to graduate school two years early.



Commercial desktop application

Developed application involving image processing, compressed archive generation, EXIF parsing, and multithreading. Also developed auxiliary technologies to bring application to market, including signed license keys. Java/AWT/SWT.

Charitable coupon site

Integrated with a third-party API with a large payload, optimized speed and space usage by streaming XML into database. PHP/JavasSript.

Freshbooks Timer

Time tracking app for Freshbooks

Wanted a native Freshbooks timer client for Linux, and to try the new Ubuntu Touch SDK. Learned and developed app from scratch in two days. QML/JavaScript.

Swap App

Exchange contact info with nearby devices

Developed during a Startup Weekend, our team was the only one to produce a functional prototype. Built with Java (Android), Swift (iOS), Firebase, and Google Cloud.

Road Conditions

Specialized XML data aggregator

Aggregates and displays state government road condition data. Integrated with third-party XML API. Native Android client and PHP backend.